Maxim Steel specializes in pre-engineered structural steel erection for all types of metal buildings. Our company endeavors to offer the general contractor a “one source” approach in the areas of pre-engineered structural steel projects.

From modest beginnings, Maxim Steel has grown into a leader in Canada’s steel erection industry, starting on the Prairies before moving its operations to British Columbia.

Maxim Steel is committed to maintaining a high performance level that is matches the needs of our client, providing competitive pricing, while always ensuring we finish every job on time, and on budget.

A Reputation Earned Over Time

Maxim Steel earns its reputation every day by making the tough look easy. But as anyone knows, it takes real professionals to make the impossible seem effortless.

Maxim Steel uses the right equipment with years of experience and painstaking attention to details to tackle the tedious with style. That’s why, when architects, engineers, builders, contractors, and manufacturers have difficult tasks, they trust us to make it look simple.

Safety is Everything

Maxim Steel’s success depends on all of our craftsmen working “safe” everyday. There is nothing more important to our company than safety. Zero (0) accidents and injuries at our workplaces is our “number-one” stated objective, and everyone has been trained to maintain this standard.

Over the years our injury and lost workday rates are well below the National average. We also maintain an Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) that is consistently below the established industry standard. We have a very active safety staff headed by our Safety Director and Safety Committee that insures that our safety goal is achieved at each project on each day.

Safety is our culture!

It is this “round-the-clock” culture shared throughout our company. Maxim Steel’s goals for working safely are clearly defined at the beginning of each job.

For Your Next Pre-Engineered Steel Building…